August 09, 2010

Goddess Girl Weekend 2010

This past weekend was my annual Goddess Girl weekend where I spend 2 full days with my college girlfriends. This year, there was only 4 of us and we spent the weekend in Dallas- eating and shopping! We were in Lubbock last year, in Austin in 2008 and in 2007 we ran a marathon together. We have been getting together annually since 1998 when we graduated college.
It was 112 in Dallas on Friday (according to our car!) so the hotel bar provided a cool place to relax- these leather sofas were so cold! L to R: Katy, Alison, and Billye
Alison and I drove up to Dallas on Friday morning and picked up Katy and Billye at the airport. We immediately went to Twisted Root Burger Company. They've been featured on Food Network and came highly recommended. This is the fried ride- french fries, pickles, green beans and sweet potato chips. All very good!
The girls were excited to see they've still got it since the bartender sent a few freebies to our table. We did get lost along the way and drove through SMU's campus which is very pretty, but confusing! The construction didn't help. We also happened to be jammin' to a favorite from our college days which may have distracted us!
After our fried ride and burgers, we cooled off poolside at our hotel room. As the mother of 8 children collectively, we all enjoyed lounging poolside without fear of someone drowning. We also were amazed at how little we carried to the pool!
After swimming, we shopped at the Galleria Mall connected to our hotel and had a little dinner at the nearby Grand Lux Cafe. We shared a variety of appetizers and one big yummy dessert!

Saturday morning, we slept in and then headed out for more shopping and eating! This is Alison prepping her hair. She can tease like no one else I know!

We ran over to NorthPark Mall to shop at Paper Source, one of my very favorite online shops that now has locations in Dallas and Houston! I was able to buy the invitation supplies for Abby's birthday party which made me happy! I also bought Marcus band-aids that look like strips of bacon... funny!
For lunch, we met Billye's sister Robin and her twins (born on Abby's first birthday!). It was fun to talk with Robin and us all relive those first few months. I think she enjoyed eating a meal at a normal pace with both of her hands ;)
I am holding Stella and Katy has Elliott- such cute girls! They are adjusting to their pink helmets and were happy campers with us! Can you see the silver stars on the left side of the helmets? They are Cowboys fans!
Can you tell they are sisters?

Are you sensing a eating and shopping theme here? ha!
After lunch, we shopped at Sam Moon and bought cheap jewelry, bags, and random goodies. Then, back to the cool bar, big mall and our rooms.
For dinner, we visited Maximo which was a new Mexican food place near our hotel. They had beautiful Spanish decor and really good food!
Their jalapeno margarita is award winning!

I'm so grateful to have friends who've known me for more than 15 years!

What a fun weekend!

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Being Billingsley said...

You guys look gorgeous, and I am so glad you had a good time!



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