August 07, 2010

The "Thing" We Can't Lose

Most kids have the one toy, blanket or doll that is with them at all times. The item Moms contemplate buying in duplicate in case something goes wrong and it gets lost. I know for Allison it is her bunny, Landry had a little white animal forever and my buddy Gus carried around a piece of his baby bumper for years. I think we have our thing- her Foofa doll. She likes holding her in the car, when watching TV, in her bed, out of her bed in the morning. She'll try to carry ten things at once and Foofa is the last to let go. Foofa's right hand can be pressed and she'll say, "You're so beautiful" or "I like flowers".
One little problem, a talking Foofa on the monitor in the middle of the night when your sleeping child rolls over scares the CRAP out of Momma. I am going to have to find a way to remove her from Abby's bed once she has fallen asleep. I can't handle "my name is Foofa" at 2 AM!


~kristi said...

We still have Fluffles, he is no longer white. He is not allowed to go in the car being as putting out the 2nd one did not trick my child. Bella's is a 12 inch Pooh Bear that will not get lost.

Tabriah said...


Bridget said...

This just CRACKED ME UP - in the middle of the night!

I've been contemplating about how to take "blue blanket" and "pink blanket" from my kiddos. Luckily, they don't travel in the car with us but they won't sleep without them. Thankfully, they don't talk.


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