August 17, 2010

Grammy and Nana Visit

Marcus' Mom and my Mom visited us this weekend! Grammy (left) hadn't seen Abby in 3 months and got to see how much she has developed over the summer! We wasn't walking last time she visited- amazing!After my meeting and the birthday party on Saturday, we went to dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate Nana's upcoming birthday. I had bought Abby a set of washable markers and a sketch pad to help entertain her at dinnertime. She had lots of fun coloring! Since they were washable, Marcus let her have a little fun on his arm! It came clean easily with baby wipes. I may carry baby wipes in my purse until she graduates high school ;)The markers I bought are smaller and shorter which worked out great for her. She liked having one in each hand and then switching out colors every few minutes.

She colored with both her left and right hand- hmmm?

Thank goodness they are washable!

After dinner, we went to the mall so Abby could ride the carousel. She literally squealed with delight when she saw where we were.
Patience sweet girl

Marcus rode the carousel with her for 3 rotations (just $5 at Lakeline Mall!). She would make cute faces and smile big for us when she came around to our side.

And then we had to get her down. She has learned to grab on tight and monkey crawl up the pole to prevent leaving the ride. Luckily, Daddy is stronger than she is.
Abby had lots of fun showing off her favorite tricks for her grandmothers. Thanks for visiting and for dinner Carol!

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