May 04, 2011

Allergist Appointment

Tuesday morning we took Abby to see an allergist. After her episode at school last week we wanted to make sure she wasn't allergic to anything else. We also wanted some guidance on how to manage her interactions involving food when we are not around, i.e. school.
We were so nervous it would take hours and entertaining and containing her would be difficult. But, her doctor was on time and very quick. Abby was also enamored with her new iPad game we had downloaded the night before, so everything went smoothly. She enjoyed the bean bag chairs in the lobby and sat well on the exam table eating a snack and playing her game.

The nurses loved her jeggings :)
This is her back- the writing tickled and although the first little prick of the test bugged her, the rest went by quick and easy.

They tested for the major outdoor allergens, our cat, all tree nuts, and the pretzels she had eaten when the attack happened. She only reacted to #11, which was the control. It verified the test liquid worked and that Abby had no other allergies. We did not test for ants, bees, etc. because if she had been stung it had happened hours before the attack (she was outside that morning but not afternoon) and those react quickly. It didn't make sense in the equation.

We are happy to know that a new allergen isn't present. We are not happy that she got into a peanut of some sort at her nut-free school. We are working through this- it will likely be with her for life. Unfortunately, reactions often get worst with each episode, so we have to be ready. Hers took 10 minutes to become life threatening.

Right now, we are working on:
training her school and grandparents on our medical action plan
when to give an EpiPen and call 911
trying to educate the parents in her class about kids sneaking candy into class
reviewing the school's legal documents since she is an extreme allergy child
stocking up on EpiPens
making out directions to the hospital from our house in case of an emergency
making stickers for Abby to wear on her back at parties and social/food functions
reading up and learning more

It'll only take a couple of years where we have to work so hard to control her environment. She will be her own advocate in just a few years. She can tell you, "no nuts for Abby. Nuts make Abby sick"; however, candy is a whole different story!


~kristi said...

I just cannot even imagine your worry. I had a student when I was teaching with the same reaction time and by kindergarten she was old enough to understand the severity. I hope that does give you some comfort in knowing she will be able to know the severity and be able to remember that she has to get shots if she eats something that could make her sick. I hope the school wises up and the other parents can understand the situation. But we can also pray that she outgrows it too. I outgrew my allergies to meds. Plus God is way bigger than this!

billye said...

I have 2 resources for you. As an administrator I dealt with this some. Here is the email address for the parent that was by far the most effective and graceful in dealing with this issue. I asked her if I could share her email address with you. She is a PHENOMENAL christian mom who has a son who has severe food allergies. Her name is Kelli Sherman, One of the best parents I've ever dealt with when it comes to raising great kids! Brody her son is in 8th grade now. Please email her, she's awesome. AS soon as I get the 2nd ok, I'll send you another AWESOME mom I dealt with at church. Her son carried an epi in a fanny pack on his body...that bad!

Lapiz de la Guerra said...

My heart hurts so much for you over this! Having a food allergy myself, I know what a pain it is to deal with something like least Abby's allergen is more common and easier to catch! I once babysat a six year old girl who was allergic to milk and she was incredibly good at reminding me about it when it became snack time. I'm certain that Abby will be too!


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