May 07, 2011

Backyard Love

I've never been an outdoor person. I look awful in shorts. I get hot in capri pants. I burn easily. Swimsuits are from the devil. But, this sweet girl loves to be outside. She wants to play on the swings, in her water table, and eating anything outside makes her giddy with joy!
Check out her cool popsicle stick holder! I found it at Babies R Us- it holds the juice and gives her something not stick to hold onto. It can also be flipped over and hold an ice cream cone! Genius!

So, since we are spending so much time outside, we made a few purchases. We have our favorite handy man bidding on a patio extension this past week. We are looking at bricks or stained concrete. Our current patio is long and shallow- we want to keep the length and extend it 10-15 feet. We also (since it was on sale) bought the patio furniture below. Momma needs a comfy place to sit while Abby plays!


Lapiz de la Guerra said...

LOL, I am rolling on the floor from your description of you outside. Billa is the same way...loves to be outside, but I am so over being outside in the Texas heat! i can't wait to see what your new patio will look like, I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous!

Jac and Beav said...

Hysterical ! We can just picture the pet store adventure !!


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