May 08, 2011

Mothers' Day

I'll be honest with ya'll, today didn't feel much different that any other day and I mean that as a huge compliment to my husband! We went to church, ate lunch at my favorite place (BBQ) where we do every Sunday, enjoyed our time being productive while Abby napped, spent time together post-nap, did a little shopping with my baby girl, and Marcus made us dinner. I did get to open sweet cards and presents this morning which was special!
Our church takes photos of families free on Mother's Day. It always seems so stressful to get out the door to church, but we are always so blessed for being there. It never fails that the Lord speaks straight to me on Sundays. I cry about a song, a message, a prayer or a family during service every Sunday. This week, I cried at the baby dedication and thinking about all the women hurting today. I remember skipping church on Mother's Day because "if children are a gift from God, why am I not worthy" and I hated the hesitation when the ushers were unsure if they should hand me a flower. I was so grateful our pastor acknowledged women in that position today. I have two friends in our church that have lost children- I know they celebrate with their children in their homes, but also mourn those they can't "mother" today.

I am so very grateful God selected Abby Lu to make me a Mother. She blesses me every day with her compassion, her sense of humor, and her love for me. I love that she is on loan to me!


The Gumpls said...

I am so glad you are a mommy with me!

Tabriah said...

I am so glad Abby Lu is here. God is great!

And, I love her purple dress!


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