May 11, 2011

Swimming Pool Time

Our neighborhood pool opened up this weekend much to the delight of Abby Lu. She has been practicing swimming in the bath tub for weeks ready to make her swimsuit debut!

After nap, she ate her sugar free popsicle and got ready to go swimming. I overbought this year and she had 4 swimsuits to select from. I bought 2 last year, forgot about them, and bought two more this Spring. She picked this Gap clearance suit- I should have known. It is the only blue one, her favorite!
Can you see the excitement on her face? No fear- I practically had to grab her before she ran deeper than she could stand. She put her face in, splashed, walked under the sprinklers, and practiced blowing bubbles in the water.
We covered her in sunscreen two times per hour and are grateful she stayed white as a lily after our afternoon in the sun. We loved running in the water, pouring water out of her bowls, going after her diving sticks (in knee deep water) and practicing swimming on her belly.
I have to get over how stinkin cute she is before she gets away with everything!


Mimi said...

Happy, happy pics. I can almost hear her laughing from here.

Lapiz de la Guerra said...

Too cute! I need to find a good pool with a nice shallow end like yours for Billa...our pool is way too crowded every day to let her play without being trampled :o(


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