May 10, 2011

Cameron Park Zoo

We took Abby to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco on Saturday. I wanted us to do something fun as a family for Mother's Day and I knew it was now or October! Abby is starting to grasp days of the week and we've been talking about the zoo all week with her. She knew we were going on Saturday. I'd say to her, "today is Wednesday and you get to go to school today. On Saturday, we're going to the zoo to see the animals. It'll be so much fun." Saturday morning, when we told her it was Saturday and asked her what we should do today, she told us "go to the ZOO (yelling zoo) and see the lions, giraffes and MONKEYS (yelling), it'll be so much FUN!" Poor child, she has picked up most everyone of my sayings!
Last year when we came to this zoo, it was muddy and super humid out! This time around it was dry, breezy and in the 80s. So much better and so much more crowded :)

This was her first time on the playground! She did great and slid down, Daddy slid down behind her.
The monkeys were the first place we went since she had been most excited about them. On the bottom left, she is just overcome with joy to see the big monkey waking up and slumbering about. He was all rolled up asleep and you couldn't tell what was what. We look closer and realized his face was smushed into the fence and he had his eyes open looking right at us!
The giraffes are about half way around the big loop that makes up the zoo. You can walk across a bridge and be close to eye level with them. Such pretty animals!
The lions and elephants were great fun for us. The lion was sleeping, but Abby kept yelling at him to wake up and then roaring at him! They also have an educational board about lions with a button to simulate a lion roaring. We pushed it no less than 5 times.
The elephants were bathing when we visited. Very cool thing to see. I'll post the video tomorrow.

We were done with the zoo after about 2 hours and went to Ninfa's for Mother's Day lunch. It was so cool inside and we were hungry! We'd packed snacks for the morning- Marcus and I had an orange and Abby ate animal crackers. She wasn't hungry after all that snacking and looked mighty sleepy!
After lunch I ran into my favorite store in Waco- Spice Village. It is in the same shopping center (red brick strip at Franklin and 4th/University Parks Dr. They have lots of neat little shops in a big open warehouse. Abby found these glasses and made all the ladies in line laugh as she showed them off. Silly girl!
We have plans to spend the weekend in Fort Worth at the end of the summer and visit that zoo. I've heard it is the best in Texas and I've never been!

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Tabriah said...

What a fun day!! Glad you guys had a good time.

She is so cute! You guys make me smile. :)


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