May 30, 2011

Pool Parties

Like most people we know, we spent the Memorial Day weekend kicking off summer with pool parties! We attended a party on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Abby was thrilled to be swimming so much. Every weekend after will be such a let down for her!
We were at an apartment community that had the best pool for lounging and kids! Abby loved this little area of fountains- it was perfect for her! She also "swam" in the deeper area with her new swim vest, and enjoyed pouring water on each of us.
Thank you Katy and Ike for having us over on Saturday afternoon! We had fun!

On Sunday after nap, we went swimming with our friends from Marcus' office. We have spent the past 3 Memorial Day holidays at The Porters' pool. It is always wonderful- lots of yummy food! I am certain Abby will wake up from her nap today at school and expect to go swimming! ha!

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