May 06, 2011

Clean Up in the Hamster Aisle

This will go down as our best potty training story to date... after church on Sunday, we had lunch and then walked down to the pet store. Abby loves looking at the fish, birdies, turtles, and hamsters. She loves it so much- she may just forgo a trip to the potty to stay a little longer!
We let her stand in the basket to look at the hamsters and she suddenly froze and put her legs apart... every potty training parents knows what that means. Before I could say anything, I hear a trickle of "water" hitting the floor. Abby was peeing and it went through her p*nties and through the shopping carts holes and onto the ground.

Mortified, Marcus runs out to the car for her change of clothes, wipes and a pull-up. Abby and I talk about telling us she needs to go. While I give the hamsters a peep show and change Abby right there, Marcus goes to discuss the clean up on the hamster aisle.

They are used to this WITH PUPPIES! So, they have a whole section with wipes, little bags for poop or soiled clothes in this case, and disinfectant spray. How nice! Potty training at the pet store is perfect!


Mimi said...

Parenthood just gets better and better every day! You have a lot to look forward to. LOL

Lapiz de la Guerra said...

Oh man, we've had those moments too! Your mom is right, it does get better :o) Good thing the pet store was prepared, lol.


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