September 07, 2011

First Day of School

Abby started her Mother's Day Out (MDO) program on Tuesday morning. We have really been talking up her new school and her new teacher Ms. Nicci (pronounced Nikki). She was excited to go on the first morning.
We selected a small Baptist church near our house and even drove Abby through the parking lot on Sunday night to help prepare her. She did just fine on drop off- a small little fit, but she was laughing during it. It is like she doesn't care to make a fit, but finds it funny. She can wear me out!
She was there for 4 hours. In that time, I worked out and then drove into NW Austin to have a couple of meetings and do some work. I grabbed lunch in the car while checking emails and then picked her up at 1:30. She is a late napper, so I didn't expect her to have slept during the allotted nap time and she didn't. She must have lost her listening ears that morning because she was a little toot during pick up. She threw herself on the floor in the hallway and other parents had to step over her with their sweet children to leave the building. I was told she "had some hard listening moments". Oh dear Lord!

We talk a lot about listening and obeying in this house and it is our #1 struggle. I am certain it is the #1 struggle of most every 2 year old, but it is pretty bad when it is yours at the exact moment all other kids are being sweet.

Fingers crossed we have a better time tomorrow! Pray for me please ;)

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