September 05, 2011

It is Here!

I am so glad football season is here! Abby was all decked out in her Red Raider gear on Saturday! She has some cute red and black this season thanks to our friend Blythe. This little dress is super soft and comfy!
Check out Raider red on the bloomers. Love it! We are hoping to do a game at the end of the season, but don't think we'll take Abby just yet. I think the noise would scare her and I hate to spend money and a weekend on an experience that she'll hate.
Saturday evening we also hosted our fantasy football draft. Always fun! We had 7 adults with laptops around the dining room and living room drafting for our league this year. This time of year holds so much promise- we are all thinking our team is a winner!
The party isn't complete without yummy food- Heather brought this bacon cheese pull apart bread she found on Pinterest. Divine!
Happy Football Season!

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