September 09, 2011

Weight Loss Update and Our Morning

Since joining our local YMCA about a month ago, we have loved going! Sometimes Abby and I go in the morning, I go during naptime on the weekends or we meet Marcus there when he gets off work. Abby will act shy when being checked into childcare and then it playing and laughing within minutes. She'll even tell you "I love the Y" when we are leaving. She likes to rub Marcus' arm after we workout and tell him "You are sweaty sweaty sweaty".

The fact that they had face painting on Thursday may have something to do with her affinity for the place!
Since doing the HCG diet in May, I have not gained a single pound back and lost even more. This morning I weighed in 20 pounds lighter than I did on April 25, 2011 when I started. Exciting! Between the diet and starting working out after years, my metabolism is really responding! I am running more than I have in my whole life and starting to enjoy it. I ran my fastest 5K and did my fastest mile in the last week. It feels good.

I also think being home it good for caloric intake. I eat less because we are busy and we eat out less because it is no longer in the budget.
Since it was nice this morning, Abby and I walked to the local park (about 1 miles round trip) so that she could play. She was super excited! We took the frisbees (disc golf) and had them go night night. Her imagination amazes me! We checked on them while we were playing and even had to whisper around them.
We came back before it heated up and she did puzzles while watching Mickey Mouse and eating breakfast. Have you tried the Apple Streusel bread at HEB? It is in the bread aisle with red border on the wrapper- really good! Abby calls it cake bread.
We are having a lazy morning and then it is off to lunch at Chick-fil-A and then I am headed to Houston for the weekend and Marcus has lots of fun planned for Abby including a reunion weekend with her baby friends!

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