September 17, 2011

Takoba Date Night

Sorry for the lack of blogging the past few weeks... for the first time in almost 3 years I am just enjoying the life I am living. I don't have to cram lots of fun stuff into 2 days a week and try and blog about it all week. I am not reading as many blogs and coveting their time with their children. Our time at home can be boring and routine and while that makes for a great life, it doesn't always make for great blog content.

Parent's Night Out is back at church and Abby is finally at the age where it is fun for her, too! Marcus and I love going to dinner alone and spending only $4 for sitters. Plus, she is with her friends and enjoying crafts, pizza and snacks, and play time.

Friday night we had dinner at Takoba, downtown on East 7th. It is seriously so good- I highly recommend it. We shared grease, I mean queso, for an appetizer. Served with warm flour tortillas it was so good!
I had my favorite tacos al pastor and Marcus went all kids of funky with his dinner. He had grilled veggie tacos with guacamole and chipotle mayonnaise. Instead of rice and beans, he had Potato and Poblano soup and cactus. Weirdo! He said the cactus was spicy and just tasted really green.
He was also happy to enjoy a Lonestar on the back patio with our dinner.
Even though Abby didn't nap on Friday and we kept her out past her bedtime, she was easy and happy. Win Win for us!

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