September 06, 2011

Katy's Bachelorette Weekend

I went to Shreveport Louisiana last weekend to celebrate our friend Katy who is getting married later this month in Cabo. I have hesitated blogging about this weekend- it wasn't exactly G rated. :)

Katy will surprise you- she is beautiful and that can be intimidating. But, then you spend 5 minutes with her and you realize how nice she is and you try and set aside all of your judgments about pretty girls that you formed in high school. That isn't just me, right?

We had a wonderful time with great Cajun food, top notch people watching, a relaxing 5 hours by the pool, a little gambling and some stories that you'd have to be there to understand.

It was fun to be with 6 girls and have no drama- pretty amazing! We laughed a whole lot about the old man trying to hit on the middle aged women, the Seniors in scooters in the casinos, and the drunken stupidity of some people.

I had a wild weekend with some great girls and then happily returned to my normal life of sippy cups, iced tea and Mickey Mouse.

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