September 30, 2011

Catching Up

We got back from Cabo on Monday night and have been non-stop since! I promise to post the BEAUTIFUL pictures of Cabo over the weekend- it was wonderful, we loved it, and we are trying to recover from unplugging for 6 days.

Wednesday night we went downtown to see David Crowder Band. They are on their final tour and we knew a handful of their songs. The line to get into Stubbs was so long! It ran up Red River one block and then down 9th street to IH-35 and then along the frontage road!
We met up with Ben and Kristi (my cousin) in line and saw most of the show with them. It was super humid and hot, so we left the middle of the pack with them and saw some of the show from the fringe where there was more of a breeze.
It looks like a cool night in these pictures. Pictures lie!
I do love seeing a large crowd raise their arms and worship together. Hearing everyone sing "How He Loves Us" was the experience I was wanting. It happened during the encore.
Note to future Stubb's concert goers, these are not the right shoes. My cute new sandals were filled with rocks from their hillside theater all night. Don't be cute, be smart. Tennis shoes are a must. For me, I think an air conditioned arena with my own seat is now required. I am old and I think I am okay with it.

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