October 06, 2011

Cabo Trip, part 3

Staying on the resort for all but 3 hours of our 6 days was a good plan!

They had a professional photographer on hand and for $15 you got a CD and 5x7 photo of your choice. Marcus and I took pictures just before the wedding on Saturday when we were dressed up. We had a couple great ones to pick from!
As you would imagine, we spent most of our time in the pool! We would get to breakfast around 8:30 (9:30 our time) and then head straight to the pool! It was nice to be there early before the rowdy guests arrived when the bar opened at 10.
By late morning, our wedding friends had arrived each day. I loved vacationing with a big group- everyone got along and you had someone else to talk with! The bride and groom (right picture below) also spent lots of time with their wedding guests. By the time the wedding came along, you knew everyone there!
One thing I did learn, I like alcohol provided it is free, frozen, fruity and in a foreign country. I have never been a big drinker, but frozen drinks poolside are delicious! I can still say I have never been drunk (not interested in that at all!), but I did enjoy drinking more than normal. My favorite- the Changuita. It was a pina colada with banana in it!
Marcus was super excited they had a hammock and he read a little in it. Old man ;)
We did venture in Cabo San Lucas one morning and toured the market where I bought Abby a Mexican dress and my Mom some Mexican vanilla and Marcus played golf one morning.
There is a pharmacia on every corner downtown and they cater to Americans without prescriptions or insurance. They had all kinds of drugs included all of the ED drugs! This old man made me laugh!

Saturday night was the beach side wedding. The bridesmaids looked beautiful in bright pink and colorful flowers. It was hot, but thankfully a little breeze from the water cooled us down.
Marcus and I commented this might be the first "adult" wedding we have attended. None of the traditional elements every 22 year old has were there. Katy and Ike shared their own vows- they were very emotional and heartfelt. The hotel did a wedding video- you can see it and here their vows here.
The reception was near the adult only pool and happened as the sun went down. Their first dance was original- Free by Zac Brown Band. The wedding party loved to dance and they ended up dancing in the fountain!
We had a wonderful vacation- so glad we went and we'd recommend Cabo to anyone!

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