October 29, 2011

Dance Class Update

So, we are still in dance class and the past 2 weeks we have seen major improvements in Abby's listening skills and her performance. Thank goodness! I seriously almost dropped her at the end of September. I don't want to pay the money or make her go if she isn't enjoying it. I also don't want her to quit things easily. We were walking a fine line!

This is Abby and Anna at lunch one day after dance class showing you their "baby face", the song they will dance to in December.
We talked to her teachers and they felt confident she was enjoying it. She would do all the moves, talk about dance all week and try to teach Marcus and I all the moves. But, in class, she stood in the corner, refused to do what she was told, and acted shy.

The past two weeks we have danced more, done what the other kids are doing (as opposed to acting like the teacher!), and even did the solo when asked.

I'm excited to see her improve each week and am proud of her for being brave!

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Mimi said...

Yea, Abby! I can hardly wait to see you dance.


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