October 01, 2011

Cabo Trip, part 1

Marcus and I were invited to attend the wedding of our friends Katy and Ike in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We had never been to Cabo and were excited to spend a week relaxing in a pool. The Dreams Resort where we stayed was amazing!

We left for Cabo on the early morning flight! We flew out of Austin at 7 AM and had a short layover in Dallas before flying just under 3 hours to Cabo. Super easy and quick flight to get to a beach! I'd recommend Cabo for the ease of arrival over most any Mexican destination.
We had a suburban pick us up at the airport and drive us the 20 plus minutes to the resort. Cabo is a desert island, so there are mountains, cactus, and lots of dirt until you reach the edge where the Sea of Cortez meets the land.
The resort was amazing- beautiful Spanish style. The lobby was completely open with a series of hallways and fountains, stone designs in the flooring, and amazing views down to the pool and the sea.
They had palm trees and lush greenery all around. I can only imagine the upkeep it takes in the desert.
All of the guests in our group had suites. Marcus and I had 2 double beds- ha! The suite included a kitchenette and a small living area with a couch and desk. Our patio looked down onto the adult pool.
The pool on the left was the main pool. It was big and bright blue! It had activities at the pool throughout each day- water aerobics, paper airplanes, yoga, etc. The adult pool was much calmer with fountains, spa music, poolside massages and a softer look and feel. Both pools had swim up bars!
The resort was all inclusive- food, drinks, activities, etc. were all part of your stay. We tried each of the restaurants and enjoyed coming back to the room late afternoon to get dressed for dinner.
We dined with friends a few nights and solo a few nights. We had Asian food, Mexican food, steak and Italian.

Breakfast each morning was lavish! There was a huge buffet where you could get most anything and then enjoy the sounds of the waves and the breeze off the water. I loved these "cream cheese pillows" each morning. It was like a sugar-coated doughnut filled with cream cheese.
A sign of a good restaurant to me- a good dinner salad. I loved the presentation of the wrapped cucumber and then my caesar at the Italian restaurant was stuffed into a bell pepper ring. Genius!

More to come!

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