October 12, 2011


We are seriously loving the local YMCA we joined in August! I have never been comfortable in a gym until this one- it is filled with people of all ages, all weights and lots of Moms! I'm not intimidated by the people around me and have achieved greater speed on the treadmill while excited me. My personal best thus far is a 13:26 mile. I die afterward, but I've hit it!
The kids activities are awesome- Abby likes going and always tells me "I like the Y". Sometimes I go solo at night, I've taken her to childcare in the morning, and I've even worked out while Marcus and Abby play on the playground.

In January, we are enrolling Abby in soccer at the Y. It is indoor, for 3-5 year olds and FREE for members. I like free since a 3 year old may hate soccer and we last 1 week!

One more thing, and this is contradictory to the post above, Texadelphia (where this picture was taken) has free kids meals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 1/2 price queso these nights also. Their kids meals are awesome and include applesauce! We shared a chicken cheesesteak and queso after our workout last week.

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~kristi said...

we loved the Y. The kids still go when I teach, but we dropped our family membership b/c we weren't driving back across town to ever use it. I am so glad you are getting into the groove. 13:26 is a good time. Keep it up


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