October 28, 2011

Pictures in the Mirror Aren't Always Recommended

I have decided that long sweaters and legging or skinny jeans are going to be my winter look- a long sweater can be so forgiving and it super comfy! I was in Macy's trying some on recently. I had to buy this red sweater because a red sweater is the most worn in my opinion- it works for fall, winter and into Valentine's Day. Plus, it can be a great Christmas look with dress pants. I don't like cranberry red or orange/red- I always want a true red sweater!
Then, I fell in love with this tunic! I love the black, orange and teal colors. It also have a middle eastern vibe which I thought was cool. I think it'll be great for date night- I have one of those this weekend!
I love the side of this one- do you see the robot?
Now, let's just get the cold weather here!

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