October 27, 2011

Weekend Away

Sorry for the lame blogging- I went out of town for work and then got sick. I am still sick, but my camera was full and I had a little extra time at nap, so blogging it is!

I was in Houston for a conference and it was nice- one of the first times I traveled without crying. I always hated leaving Abby. This time, I was able to take a few days and enjoy the alone time at night, the nice meals, and shopping without a stroller!

Abby had a full weekend- they met my sister and her kids on Saturday morning to watch Cohen's football team. I think Abby was more interested in the snacks and the cheerleaders. She is seriously scared of loud noises and the football game was a lot for her to handle. She will just cover her ears and get scared.
After Tech's big win on Saturday night, Abby wore her cute TTU dress that my sister made her to church. I was told that every Red Raider at church was decked out in red and black proudly. Abby loves going to the Garden of Hope at church- she always asks if she can go see Jesus.
Sunday afternoon, she went to Madison's birthday party. Abby and Madison were in daycare together until this summer. She loved seeing her old friends and bouncing at the bounce house with them. Another b-day party with old friends this weekend!
It was nice to be away and nice knowing Abby had a fun weekend with Marcus and Nana.

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