October 19, 2011

Yo Ho!

Abby's newest obsession is Jake and The Neverland Pirates. It is the cutest little Disney cartoon with three good pirates that live in Neverland and fight off the evil Captain Hook.
So, we are learning all about pirates and like to yell out Yo Ho! and Argh! and recently wore a bandana to be our own pirate. As always, Daddy is happily in full character with Abby.

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Tabriah said...

We've been watching that since it started....I dread it. Glad you think its cute...it drives me CRAZY, the same exact characters everyday doing the exact same thing. Captain Hook takes something and then they go get it back...Kiersten loves it! After the pirate princess episode she was seriously considering a pirate princess party. She and Abby can discuss the finer qualities of the show at their next Pirate Adventure. :)


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