November 24, 2011

Everyone is Thankful for Me

Happy Thanksgiving blogging friends! Abby wasn't so sure about having her picture taken- a true little turkey on this festive day!
We are really casual at Thanksgiving our family of three has a nice lunch with just my Mom. It is so easy, we even buy sliced turkey from the local BBQ place the day before. No fuss- we stay in our jammies, watch TV, play games and plan our Christmas shopping.
We'll celebrate with my Dad, stepmom and sister and family with a potluck on Saturday. Sometimes a small or spread out family is nice!


Katy Lee said...

Love these pics of Abby! :) Happy Thanksgiving to y'all. I am incredibly grateful for your friendship!

Mimi said...

She makes me laugh even when she is pouting.

Mimi said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying your day. I am very thankful for you all. Love...


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