November 19, 2011

Our Elf, Holly

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf? I have wanted an elf for a long time and Abby is finally at the age where we can have an elf! We named her Holly. Abby gets to pick her name per the little book that comes with her and she first told us she was a girl and then her name was Mommy. We asked her if Molly would work and she didn't jump on it. They, I recommended Holly and she said that was it.
Essentially, Holly watches Abby all day and flies back to Santa each night to report on how naughty or nice she was. She then shows up the next morning in a new place and Abby gets to find her. Her magic is gone if Abby touches her!

We have talked about Holly all day and even mentioned being good so that Holly could tell Santa. Speaking of, Abby hasn't asked for anything for Christmas. She doesn't watch much TV and seems to have everything she wants. So, I told her to tell Holly what she wanted and she would tell Santa. She said she wants "balls" and "presents". ha!

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