November 15, 2011

New Winter Accessories

As I was cleaning out Abby's closet, I pulled out her cute winter hats from last year! I am so grateful this ivory hat still fits for 2 reasons... I love it on her and I'm glad her head hasn't grown much in the past year! It is a girls hat, not a little girls hat. She loves to wear it to be like Daddy!
We also have new leg warmers for dance class. It is a little chilly in the mornings before we go and these help! Don't tell Abby, but Santa is bringing her a few more pair this year! You can find cute leg warmers inexpensive on eBay!
We had a great time at dance class last week and did almost everything the other girls did. She regressed quickly when we were asked to go in the room and watch the girls to acquaint them with an audience. We'll work on that next!

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