November 16, 2011

Quiet Car

We bought a new car this week! Marcus' truck was nearing 100K miles and was no longer practical for our new budget and his job. We had been talking about a new car for months and over the past month Marcus had begun narrowing it down to what we wanted. It came down to a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry.
We went with the Camry- it just cost less. He loved the Accord, but in comparison this one made more sense. It is a 2011 that we bought used with less than 30K miles. Marcus is excited to visit the gas tank less, have a trunk for storage and have some newer features in his car than his 2008 truck had. Abby calls it the quiet car since he had a loud truck.
And, in case you need a closer look, that bearded man in the new car really is my husband! ha!
We took this decision more seriously than we ever have with a purchase before. It was always about what car we wanted and this time it was really about what we needed. We used the equity in the truck and reduced our payments by over $100. That makes us all happy!


Mrs. Lee said...

Love the car! Love the beard! Miss you guys.

Your unbiased mom (aka Mimi) said...

Gorgeous!and the car looks great, too.


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