November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Lunch

I got to spend lunch with this cute girl today! She had a Thanksgiving lunch at school and I got to be that Mom that came to a school activity in the middle of the day in casual clothes! I took her to school at 8:30 and spent the morning at Starbucks doing website work and then shopping at Academy for soccer gear since Abby starts in early January. Shin guards for a 3 year old are tiny!
Aren't her new boots the cutest! I typically dress her like a toddler, but her jeggings and Ugg boots made her such a teenager today!

They made cute little pumpkin place settings for everyone and had a fancy lunch of rolled up turkey, chunk cheese, pretzels, carrots, fruit and cookies. It was fun to see her interact with her little friends.
Abby just loves her teachers- Ms. Nicci and Ms. Yvette. We love them and her little school, too!

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