November 11, 2011

Noble Family Reunion

We spent the past weekend in Abilene visiting Marcus' Mom Carol and her side of the family. They don't do reunions often, so it was nice to see everyone. Both of his grandparents are gone and we were only missing 1 cousin.
They all stayed at a hotel in Abilene and we spent the night with Carol in Marcus' hometown, about 15 minutes away. We all met for lunch on Saturday, a group of us did the Abilene Zoo and some stayed back to play dominoes and swim at the indoor pool, and then we did Gattiland for dinner and games. We said our goodbyes over the hotel breakfast on Sunday morning.

The siblings- Brian, Bruce, Carol, and Linda
The cousins- Stephen (Brian), Donna (Bruce), Jason (Linda), Nathan (Brian), Kevin (Bruce), and Marcus (Carol). They were missing Shawn, Linda's oldest son. Don't you feel for Donna growing up with all those boys! Maybe it was God's will since she has sons of her own now.
Here are the cousins with their loved ones added in! Kevin is the only single one... know any good Christian girls in San Angelo? He is a good guy!
And now, the cousins, loved ones and the kids!
It was nice to see family!

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Mimi (Carol) said...

As always, you did a great job of taking pictures. Thank you so much!


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