November 28, 2011

Gruene Family Photos

If you've never been to Gruene, it is beautiful! It is picturesque, rustic, filled with greenery and almost always filled with people. Going there on Thanksgiving day was the best. We saw 2 other couples walking around with their dogs. I think we got so many great pictures because we had the place to ourself to take our time and the kids could run around easily!
I had fun trying out the white balance and ISO with my camera. Then, I spent lots of time in the post edits making them bright, subtle, cropped, etc. Kyleigh wants to be a model and had fun posing for us. She is honestly very natural. She would tilt her head and crack a small smile and it looked perfect!
Marcus forgot he had on sunglasses in this one!
This is Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas. It gave us a great backdrop!

These are the super cool and old doors of Gristmill Restaurant. They are always open when the restaurant is open, so you'd never know what a great backdrop they make!

These windows along the side of Gristmill are awesome. I'd love them in a bathroom :)
We thought about going down these stairs on the riverside of the Gristmill, but decided we had plenty of great options without stairs!
The seated waiting area at Gristmill has big potted plants throughout.
The sun shining on this wall and the kids straight face makes this picture look 100 years old to me.
Our last stop was a rusty side of a shed across from Gristmill. I love the orange colors of the rush with the blue in Abby's hat. Kyleigh outgrew the hat just recently and gave it to Abby as we were leaving. It fit, she loved it and I love turquoise so it worked!
Everyone was tired at this point, so we were letting them have fun! Mad faces are easy to make during nap time- ha!
Abby will likely never have a sister, so I love seeing Kyleigh take care of her and Abby looking up to Kyleigh. It is important to me that Abby have someone like Kyleigh to love her, listen to her and support her as she grows up.
Our happy family!
I'm so glad my sister recommended we take pictures on Thanksgiving Day!


Marissa said...

Great pictures!!

Melissa said...

Great pics!

Mimi said...

fantastic pics and location!


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