July 09, 2010

18 Month Well Check

Abby had her 18 month well check this morning and she is still a healthy little girl. I don't take a single healthy doctor's appointment for granted. I know what an easily missed blessing that can be. Our last well check was 3 months ago and we have really grown a lot since then!
At 15 months:
Weight- 24.5 pounds (70%)
Height- 31 cm (60%)
Head- 95%
At 18 months:
Weight- 27.4 pounds (80%)
Height- 32.5 cm (75%)
Head- 49.75 cm (off the chart)
She grew proportionally which is great. They don't become concerned about weight until age 2, but we discussed lowering her milk each day from 24 to 18 ounces. She eats so well with food that her large quantity of milk would be the only fat she is getting.
(Stop now if you don't like potty talk!)
We also started the potty training discussion.I don't want to push her. I personally think diapers are very convenient and not nearly as expensive as I had imagined (Target generic are our favorite!). But, Abby signs potty, says "poo poo" and "pee pee", pulls at her diaper when it is dirty, squats when she goes, and has no qualms about sitting on her potty which has been in her bathroom for months. Those are all signs of readiness. I think she'll potty train in the next 6 months and we'll just slowly introduce elements of the potty to her. I'll keep you posted!

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We are the Guerra's! said...

Abby definitely sounds way more ready than Billa was at that age, so if she's ready, go for it, lol. Kudos to you for not pushing it...some of my friends who did push it with their kids they all wish they had just let it be. As they say, pick your battles! And Target brand diapers are the best...their pull up diapers are pretty good too and I love the open sides.


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