July 24, 2010

The local Starbucks

Its been a few months since my wife has been away, and I thought I would use the chance now to update our Starbucks morning ritual. We still sit by the window and watch everyone that comes in...sometimes blowing kisses...sometimes waving...sometimes....just watching...

But now we have some new parts to our ritual...Howie the dog. About the time we are getting ready to leave everyday, a nice couple comes to get their grande lattes, and some whipped creme for Howie. Abby LOVES Howie. When its time for us all to go, its always a sad time of "buh buh dawg...buh buh..."
There is one more part to our ritual..one I'm sure the starbucks people love...we parade around, dance, and play with the packets of dried fruit. So...yeah...if your at our Starbucks....you might want to go for the coffee cake instead of the dried fruit.



Jac and Beav said...

While the mama cat's away.... the mice will go out n play !!!! So.... is Jane Grey going to get a new doggy playmate soon ????
jac n bv

Tabriah said...

So adorable, in sooo many ways...


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