July 06, 2010

Hello Little Ms. Mannequin

Abby and I ran into Old Navy on Monday looking for a gift for one of the many birthday parties we have this month- so excited! Seriously, I love a good party! She hadn't been in with me before and I let her walk and she went straight to the mannequins.
She didn't try talking to them, but she seriously wasn't afraid and we spent a good 5 minutes pointing out each of their body parts. I did get a good "woof" out of her!
A meltdown that resulted in losing her walking privileges occurred when it was time to leave the mannequins for the shopping part of our errand. While in the cart, Abby was loudly fussing and I told her that "nobody wants to hear you like that" and the other lady in the kids department just laughed. Seriously, if your Mother can't handle you whining, strangers really can't!
Luckily a hanger and a bouncy ball and we had a happy camper again.

I found the gift I needed and also bought Abby a pair of jellies for next Spring/Summer (size 7) for $2.47. I love a bargain like that! We also bought her some ruffled skirts for next Spring/Summer for $2.80 at Target. She owns the same skirts this summer and we were them at least 2x per week. I heart you Circo! Thank goodness God gave me a little girl- I bought 6 items on clearance and they all had ruffles. Our little boy wouldn't have liked that.

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Kay Page said...

That is so funny about the mannequins - Mackenzie goes up to each and every one she sees (still) and holds their hands!


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