July 17, 2010

First Official Haircut

At 18.5 months old, Abby got her first official haircut this morning. We went to Pigtails and Crewcuts, a super cute chain specializing in kids cuts. We bought the first cut package!
Abby was strapped into a vintage airplane chair while watching Toy Story and having Daddy blow bubbles at her. She did great! No tears, no fear of the hairdresser or her scissors, and very little movement.
I have been trimming the back of her hair for 6 months or so, but we were finally at the point where her sides were getting longer, her bangs were too long, and she was too busy to sit and let me cut her hair.
She cut some off the back to even out my work and then just cleaned up the sides that are almost as long as the back now! Yea! We also had her bangs trimmed. I want them to keep growing out, but we don't put Abby in bows for school, so I can't have them in her eyes all day long. Once she learns to keep a hair clip in, I'll grow them out.
Here is her sweet little pieces of hair. No curls here!
They also took a picture for our little folder to remember this special day. I'm excited to see if cutting it will prompt it to grow so we can get to pigtails! I'm looking forward to that day.


Anonymous said...

First haircut.... first grade and then first date..... enjoy !
dad n jac

The Gumpls said...

I remember those sweet days as if they happened yesterday! She is sooo cute!

Being Billingsley said...

Anna! You look FANTASTIC in that picture!

They did such a good job on that first haircut. I'll have to remember them when my girl turns 18 and has hair to cut.



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