July 10, 2010

Abby Didn't Even Know We Left

Since my Mom was at our house Friday night working on my Roman shades, Marcus and I snuck out after Abby went to bed. Those are my favorite dates- we don't miss time with her and we can enjoy 2 hours together and be in bed by 10 PM. Ideal date for me!

How well do you know your desserts? Any idea what WAS in this skillet?
Cookie Monster from Cheddar's- an oldie, but a goodie. Cheddar's opened in San Angelo while we were in college 13 years ago and it was a treat to go there. College students couldn't splurge on $8 dinners often.

Afterward, we played a game of shuffleboard. I love playing shuffleboard! I played it with my Granny when I was young at a small bar in her hometown. That was back in the day when a kid could go in a bar!

You literally slide the disc (red above) down a long sanded board and get points based upon where it lands. The closer to the edge, the more points. It is amazing how the sand can throw your slide off course.
I had a commanding lead and then flopped. Marcus came from 11 points behind to beat me by 5.
If you live in the Austin area, you can play shuffleboard at Buffalo Billiard's downtown or Main Event in North Austin. Have any of you ever played?

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heidi said...

ON our cruise ship- that adds a whole other level of difficulty!


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