July 28, 2010

Dancing Queen

Abby has always taken to sign language easily. She learned it at home with us and with her teachers at school. Her baby teacher was very interested in teaching sign and when Abby learned it so easily, she was even more motivated to teach her.

Marcus and I did not know sign language before Abby. Marcus knew a few words from working with a deaf co-worker in college. We learned our sign language from Signing Time videos recommended by Michelle, Marcus' sister. Look at Abby dance when the video comes on! She gets so excited!

We are at the age now where she will often speak and sign the word together. I think she signs from habit while talking to us with her new words. It is really amazing to watch their little brains working. We can show/say a word to her less than 5 times and it is in her vocabulary.

Here is a current listing of her signs (that I can easily recall!)

  • Eat
  • Thirsty
  • All Done
  • Milk
  • Cracker
  • More
  • Doll
  • Frog
  • Dog
  • Bear
  • Swing
  • Book
  • Bike
  • Play
  • Potty
  • Go
  • Stop
  • Yes
  • No
  • Please
  • Thank You
  • Sorry

We are working on hurt. I'd like her to be able to tell me where she is hurting.

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The Gumpls said...

My kids have all loved Rachel, Alex and Leha! We have between 6-8 DVDs, if you ever want to barrow others that you may not have! :)


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