July 15, 2010

Pie and Calf Fries

My friend Andrea (L) and I drove to Marble Falls for dinner the other night to meet our friend Alison (C) from San Antonio. Marble Falls is about an hour for each of us and we had such a good time at Bluebonnet Cafe eating the classics- cheeseburger, chicken fried steak and chicken and dumplings. So good!
While there, Alison told us our friend Katy (R) from Lubbock was in town on vacation with her family. So, after pie, we departed for their rented lakehouse. They were cooking dinner and having calf fries. No, I absolutely did not eat one. I mean, I would have but then who would have taken the picture? ha!
This is the view from their back patio! I loved the house and hope we vacation there one day. Loved it!

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