July 27, 2010

Sweet Girls

I was out of town last week for my annual convention and although I kept the blog busy with scheduled posts, I got nothing right now :) I came home Sunday night sick with a cold and Monday the doctor verified I had laryngitis. So, nothing exciting happening in our household.

While I was gone Marcus took Abby to see her little friend Madeline for story time at Barnes and Noble. These girls have OPPOSITE personalities and it is just magnified when we put them together. According to Madeline's Mom and Marcus Abby ran right to the Velveteern Rabbit at story time while Madeline continuously said "no no". Then, at lunch time, Madeline placed her napkin in her lap, said her prayer and asked for "more please" while Abby ripped off her placemat, tried to get to the ball machine the whole time and didn't eat much.
I got a spunky one! We are hoping Madelines keeps Abby in line when they are teens!

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