February 19, 2011

Girls Day

My sister and I both drove to Fredericksburg to give our kids some time with Nana and to spend time without them. It was so nice to see, talk and shop with her without a little person around. We have to make it an annual tradition- everyone wins. Our husbands had alone time. Nana and the kids were happy to be together and we got to shop Main Street.
We both bought lots of fun things- shoes, belts, jewelry, home stuff, fabric, gifts for the kids, etc. I loved the fabric on embroidery hoops in this store. So cute and vintage. They had oil cloth galore including by the yard. My sister wanted to oil cloth the workout bench in their home gym. Lucky for her husband I convinced her not to.
Abby and Cohen had fun with Nana- playing, eating a yummy lunch (apparently my child likes black eyed peas!!!) and napping. We gave them giant marshmallows for being so good for Nana.
After an early dinner, Abby and I drove home to see Daddy! In total we spent 3.5 hours in the car today and this girl cracked me up. I don't want to forget how funny this age can be!
A few examples:

At one point in the car, Abby had been talking non-stop for a good 5 minutes and I looked back at her. She said, "I'm talking to myself."

We currently love to sing. While singing a sweet version of Jesus Loves Me, I was driving and thinking what a sweet good little girl I have. Then, the singing stopped for Abby to loudly proclaim, "Look Momma, I pick my nose."

Finally, Abby has picked up my habit of saying "how about" in a drawn out manner. When I am giving her options, I often ask how about blank or blank. So, she was talking to herself and would ask:

How About Twinkle Twinkle Little star?
... and then begin singing.


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Lapiz de la Guerra said...

Too funny! I love that age, they are so full of fun surprises. I'm glad you captured them for posterity and all of us to enjoy, lol. And I love the embroidery hoops with fabric too...I think I finally know what to do with some of the blank spaces on my walls and leftover fun fabric that I can't bring myself to get rid of!


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