February 24, 2011

President's Day Fun

Marcus and Abby both had the day off of work on Monday and spent the day doing fun stuff together. They had a late Starbucks, went to the gym to workout and play, and then came and picked me up for lunch! After a long nap, they met our friends Caroline and Madeline at the Big Bounce. It is an inflatable wonderland less than a mile from our house!

The girls had the place to themselves and minus a little drama from my child, ran around and had a great time.
Sweet Madeline is shy around new people and has warmed up to Marcus. It was so nice to see her let him hold her or for her to walk away from her Momma with him. She is the smartest child and to see that and her personality come out around us is just wonderful!
The girls on a little snack break from all the running and jumping and sliding fun!
They got down around 5:30 and I met them for dinner. Can you tell how much Abby wants to be like Madeline. In both these pictures she is watching her every move! Abby would not sit in a highchair since Madeline was in a big girl chair.
After dinner when saying goodbye the girls hugged and kissed like old friends.

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Caroline & Madeline said...

So sweet. We had so much fun. We love Abby Luuuuu, Marquis and Ann-na-na!! I'm so glad and thankful we are ALL friends..hugs and kisses and all!


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