February 04, 2011

Snow Princess

Last year Abby hated the snow, but this year, we got a happy girl exploring the front yard and all of it's white glory.
Her and Marcus bundled up and played in the snow for about 15 minutes. I captured what I could and then retreated inside. It takes more time to "gear" up than you actually spend in the snow when you live in Austin. Where is my winter coat? I can't find my second glove! These shoes aren't very sturdy on the bottom. Have you seen my long johns from our ski trip 5 years ago?
Marcus made her a few snowballs and she loved throwing them at me!
This is a childhood memory I don't want her to forget- pure happiness!
We are both home all day- Marcus is working and I am off because of the weather. Since Abby's school is open, we'll likely take her in to play this afternoon and I'll try to run to the nearby grocery store. Everything seems to be melting away.
Goodbye Snow Day 2011.


MiMi said...

So exciting! Great pics.

The Gumpls said...

I love the new look of the pictures you are doing! She looks so amazed staring down at her own footprints!


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