February 05, 2011

"Like" Videos

I have been wanting to get video of Abby lately and with a sunny day and sidewalk chalk, I was able to get a little focus out of her!

We play this fun new game with Abby- she calls it "what does" and when she asks for that, she wants us to quiz her with questions of "What does Mommy like?" Insert anyone Abby has ever met for Mommy. She can tell you what a good 15 different people like. We gave her the initial response and she has memorized them since then. We add a couple of people every day.

In case you are wondering, Madison and Ka'lea are classmates of Abby's. A ba-ba is a blanket and a "wubie" is a small blanket, like a lovie. Jose is the greeter at church. I think that covers it- enjoy!

1 comment:

The Gumpls said...

Now just get her to say I love Michael and her vocabulary will be complete!!! hehehe


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