February 10, 2011

Soup-er Bowl

Our Bible Life Group holds a Super Bowl party each year and the past few years it has included a soup or chili contest. It is fun to try new recipes while watching the game. Along with the TV, the hosts set up an LCD projector and screen. Everyone had a good seat to see the big game.
There were tons of kids at the party, including sweet Ellie! I just love watching this miracle baby- she teaches us all to smile! I've never met a happier child. Abby stayed home with Marcus so I could watch the game, she could get to bed, and Marcus could rest. Good thing since he ended up being sick!
Here is the big bowl of Hearty Chicken Chili I brought. It didn't win any prizes and I brought a bunch back home with me. I'm tired of this soup so we let it go down the drain. It makes so much that I ate on it forever last time.
I also brought my stadium cake! My friend Heather bought this cake pan form for me a few years ago and Super Bowl is the perfect time to use it. Such a fun idea! I just use the simple confetti cake to make it- looks like little flecks of people in the stands.
I was decked out in the Green Bay shirt and happy with the results!


Anonymous said...

The chicken chili looks so good, I could eat some right now!

MiMi said...

I did it again...that last comment was from MiMi.


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