February 22, 2011

Girls Night Out

Marcus had a work function on Friday night, so Abby and I made our own fun! I gave her the option of Chick-fil-a or Fuddrucker's for dinner. Those waffle fries will tell you what she picked! We had so much fun sitting at the table eating our dinner together. She ate chicken, fries, and the lettuce, cheese and croutons from my salad. She looked like such a big girl since I didn't have a diaper bag with me. She had no bib or sippy cup- so grown up!
After dinner we went to the pet store. I've wanted to take her in there for a long time- she loved seeing the mice, ferrets, fish, and birdies.
We then went next door to the Kid-to-Kid resale shop and I ended up buying her 2 headbands with bows. They help keep her hair out of her face and look so cute with her little bob haircut. I picked out pink for her and then asked her to pick orange or green. She was insistent on us buying baby blue. I am certain it is her favorite color.
We then ran to Barnes and Noble and let her read a few books and play with the trains. She loves getting on the story time stage and seeing everyone. We were home by 8 PM, just in time for Daddy to get home and put her to bed.

I am sad so much of the baby stages are behind us, but I love seeing her become more independent and thinking of the fun we can have!

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Lapiz de la Guerra said...

We love going to the pet store too. Such cheap entertainment! She looks so sweet in that headband. Abby Lu, you are such a doll!


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