February 12, 2011

I Like Big....

bows and I can not lie.

I heard that song recently and died laughing. Why did I love it so much in junior high? It is silly.

I dug around on Etsy for an over the top Valentine's bow for Abby's pictures and found a real winner. Unfortunately the snow delayed my shipment until after her pictures, but these bows will be cute in future pictures.
You realize how big they are on my child's head. She was walking around all weird to make sure her bow didn't fall. Made me laugh! I think it is a little heavy for the side part look, but will be super cute when her hair is pulled back and centered on top her head.
Here is a detailed view- the ribbons are glued on top each other to create all the fun layers. There is a big bow on bottom, then the spiky layers and 2 more bows on top. Amazing!
Visit her boutique here.


We are the Guerra's! said...

Super cute! I love the multicolored one the best. And you're right...why did we all love that song so much? I still love it, if only because it makes me laugh and smile!

The Gumpls said...

I just made three bows for Valentines. Would you like for me to make Abby one tonight?


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