April 28, 2011

Birthday Video

Marcus has always joked with me that I am a lexicon- I remember dates really well. I can name the birthdays of most everyone I know... even high school friends I haven't seen in 15 years.

We are always working with Abby- trying to teach her something and see how quick her recall is. We also ask her questions in reverse, like What does Mommy like? and then later, Who likes shoes? She continues to impress us with her ability to recall. We recently ate a restaurant and Abby asked "where is Katy and Ike?" because we ate there with Katy and Ike 6 weeks earlier.

In this video, she'll recall the month of 10 family members' birthdays! Sorry Tiffany, we forgot about yours- she knows it is "March like Mommy"!

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