April 06, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

This morning Marcus and I had our semi-annual parent teacher conference at Abby's school. You always go into these meetings hopeful you will learn your child is brilliant and fearful your child is rotten. For us, it always turn out to be a mix of both!
She is developmentally age appropriate in each area. She is fine- no real concerns. Marcus and I both laughed that she likes to sort things by similarities, size, color etc. and line them up. Where in the world would she get that from? I haven't a clue!

However, the biggest message I got is that she is determined, strong willed, and sassy. All of these can be amazing traits that will take her far in life. All of these in a toddler can be a challenge! She knows right from wrong and likes to test you. She knows what she wants and will go after it. She likes what she likes and she expects it right now.

Don't we all? Aren't toddlers just unfiltered adults? I think our job is to take her strengths and teach her how to use them- to not give up, to not fall to peer pressure, to be sassy in appropriate situations, to go for what she wants, to test yourself and learn from it. Pray for us :)

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Mimi said...

In my humble opinion, you are absolutely correct in your assessment. I love her independent personality. Life may not be easy with Abby, but it will be interesting! I think you and Marc are the perfect parents to handle her. But I wonder where she got all those traits. It is a puzzle!!


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