April 04, 2011

Super Abby

Abby Lu was a mild mannered little girl. She went about her day in an ordinary way.
Until one day, Abby Lu discovered a secret cape and mask that gave her incredible powers !
Now, She is...

She is now able to outrun a speeding tricycle...able to dismantle electronic devices within nanoseconds, she can produce a super scream that shatters glass when angry...she is stronger than any crayon, or James Avery bracelet clasp.
It is with her side kick, DADA...that they keep the streets safe from icky, yuck, or shooey shooey.
Super hero Abby continues the fight against her arch enemies, naptime, broccoli, meow meow's tail.

1 comment:

Mimi said...

From Super Teddy to Super Abby Lu.
What fun!


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