April 12, 2011

Road Trip

This morning we awoke early and had 9:00 AM spa appointments. I had a petite massage and a scalp massage while Marcus had a longer deep tissue sports massage. Afterward, we spent a good deal of time in the "sanctuary" wrapped in warm robes and towels while reading our books. The scalp massage was wonderful for my headaches, but it left my hair nasty for the day. I washed it, but pouring oil on my scalp was a mess!

Afterward, we got ready and headed to Forsyth Park. It is a famous 3 block park in Savannah known for its water fountain. It was amazing- it had rained that morning so everything was a little wet and super green!
We had lunch at a local non-touristy BBQ joint, Blowin' Smoke. Knowing the South treasures the pig and not the cow (like we do in Texas), we both had pulled pork. Yummy! I loved that fried pickles were a side item!
One of the fun parts of this trip for Marcus has been exploring the Southern beers. Since we arrived on Saturday, he has tried the following: Andygator, Sweetwater Georgia Brown, Sweetwater 420, and Moon River.

Since it was rainy, we changed plans and went to Hilton Head to explore rather than sitting on the beach in nearby Tybee Island. Hilton Head wasn't what we expected- it was like a suberb with an outlet mall, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and national chain restaurants. We finally stopped and asked where the beach was and tourist stops? We were directed to Pope Avenue and found the beach! Marcus bought a kite and flew it in the post-rain windy weather!
We bought Abby a hat which happened to fit Marcus and his itty bitty head! Abby needs a youth hat and it fits Marcus. ha!
We ate dinner at the Sea Shack, a locals place with the logo "not fancy, just good". It was just that- we enjoyed it! Afterward, we headed the 45 minutes back to Savannah for ice cream at Leopold's and then enjoyed an early night in for our favorite TV show, Biggest Loser.

Tomorrow, we head to Charleston for part two of our trip!

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Jamie said...

i didn't realize you had a personal blog!
thanks for checking out my baby shower over @lifeasapepin
& would love a follower!!!

I am planning our anniversary trip to Savannah at the end of the summer- thanks for all your photos and info! :)

and i am in LOVE with Charleston! as South Carolina's state motto: Beautiful places and Smiling Faces!!!!
I hope you like it a lot!!!


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