April 11, 2011

Food and Friends

We slept in this morning and then headed across the river for our Foody Tour. It was a 3 hour walking progressive lunch. We ate a little something at a handful of local places and learned about them as we went. We had (in this order): chocolate truffles, cupcakes, green olive and cream cheese sandwich, shrimp and grits with collard greens, cornbread casserole, and bread pudding. The tour can have up to 20 people... it was just us and the guide. A private tour- she knew everyone in town and each place we walked in, she chatted up the servers, hostesses, and we had tables immediately. Lots of fun- I'd highly recommend it!
By the way, we did not try the Tobacco Truffle. Weird- we were told is tastes like a cigarette in chocolate and is best after a few shots. No thank you. I did try everything on the tour- shrimp and grits is wonderful. Collard greens, not so much.

We saw some famous people on our walk. Savannah Dan (in seersucker) is a walking tour guide known around the city. He reminded me of a young Boss Hogg. Loved him! Marcus is posing with Johnny Mercer who wrote numerous songs and is from Savannah.
After all that walking and eating, we came back to the hotel and lounged poolside for a few hours. The sunshines and amazing pool have been the nice surprise of the trip. So relaxing!

We took the water ferry across the Savannah River to dinner tonight. We ate at Belford's in the City Market area. It was wonderful- Marcus had a Kobe beef burger and I had their award-winning (from Southern Living) crab cakes.
I have drank sweet tea each day thus far and Marcus has sampled many of the local beers.

Everywhere we go, Marcus and I have joked we've seen friends we didn't know we have. Everyone here is so friendly- we've loved talking with strangers. So many people have good things to say about Austin also! I can't wait to tell you all about the house I have fallen in love with and we have visited daily. If only I were wealthy :) It is my dream house, for sale, and is currently 1/3 of the original list price. Amazing!

Tomorrow is our last full day in Savannah area. We are spending the morning at the spa and the evening at the beach. What a way to spend a Tuesday!

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Tabriah said...

Glad you guys are having a good time!! Enjoy the spa and the beach!


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